Rephrase My Sentence FAQ

How long will it take to rephrase my sentence?
When you place your order you can select the time frame within which you would like your order completed. We guarantee to ensure that your order will be completed within that time once payment has been received. Should you require a quicker turnaround then feel free to contact us through the chat service on the site and we will check if we can provide what you need.
When you paraphrase my sentence will it make sense in English?
 Many online services use software to provide paraphrasing and this will often result in work that reads very poorly. Other services use cheap labor that does not speak English as a first language. We however use only highly qualified and experienced staff that speak English as their native tongue.
How do I make my order to get you to rephrase my sentence?
Using our services is very simple. Just look for the request a quote section on the page and make your request by supplying the information that the form asks for. Our services are available around the clock and we will be quickly back to you with a competitive quote for your paraphrasing.
Do you know how to paraphrase my sentence?
We are a specialized service that knows exactly how to rephrase a sentence to your exact needs so that it makes sense and flows in perfect English.

Are your staff qualified to rephrase my sentence?
We only use rewriters that have a minimum of a masters degree within the subject areas in which they work as well as many years of experience in providing rewriting for a variety of reasons. And yes, they are experts in rewriting sentences.

What happens if I don’t like what you have written?
Part of our process is to provide you with a draft of the paraphrasing for you to review. This allows you to request an unlimited number of changes to ensure that the paraphrasing fully meets your precise needs.
Do you guarantee your services to rephrase my sentence?
When we provide rephrasing we always aim for you complete satisfaction. If we fail in this respect we will either endeavor to fix the issue or we will refund your money fully.
Can I rephrase my sentence for free?
While there are many services out there that will offer free paraphrasing and rewriting through the use of software packages online they are not going to provide you with text that makes any real sense nor will they avoid issues with plagiarism. Only a person can paraphrase and provide you with text that replicates the original meaning while reading and flowing naturally.