Paraphrasing Techniques

If you were paraphrasing for the first time, then these techniques may work for you! You don’t have to worry about anything at all because paraphrasing is quite simple! Check these out.

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Techniques to Use for Paraphrasing

  • Interpret the meaning of the original.
  • Change the sentence structure and use varying connecting words.
  • Use varying definition structures.
  • Use word synonyms with care.
  • Change from quoted to indirect speech.
  • Use different signals for attribution.
  • Change the word order.
  • Change from a clause to a phrase.
  • Change the numbers to different forms.

Paraphrasing Step-by-Step

  • Write down or paste a photocopy of the passage, and then underline the author’s main ideas.
  • You should list down some key ideas, concepts and phrases from the passage.
  • Where possible, you should note down alternative phrases or synonyms of words.
  • Rewrite with those alternative phrases or words.
  • Simplify the text further.
  • Insert the author’s name.

Use Some Sentence Starters

  • This concept is about…
  • A central feature underlying this concept is…
  • This issue focuses/involves…
  • This functions to/ to serve to/ works to….
  • This means….

Paraphrasing using these techniques can make your work easier and your life more enjoyable because you can finish your task faster without you having to spend much time on it. To change the wording and structuring of the original text will help you accomplish this faster. But of course, paraphrasing isn’t all about changing the words or structure of your source, but it is all about understanding the main point of the author, meaning you should be able to convert the original to your own words without altering the main concept of the story or text. You are not expected to perfect it the first time though, but at least to master and get used to the main agenda of paraphrasing—deliver the message in your own manner without inputting your personal opinion on the story.

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