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Why Would You Want to See Rephrasing Examples?

rephrasing examplesRephrasing or paraphrasing is the act of taking what another person has said or written and repeating it fully in your own words. The aim is to repeat all of the points without reusing the language that was used originally. It is used extensively in academic writing to restate the work of another in your own words aimed at your personal audience and also online and in other mediums when you want to avoid plagiarism or simply aim at a different audience.

The problem is that many people find it a very difficult task. Most find themselves repeating the original text in places or they don’t manage to actually communicate the full meaning of the original. This is where examples of paraphrase can help you. By viewing a paraphrasing example you can see exactly how others have approached the task.

How to Use a Paraphrasing Example

examples of paraphrase sentencesExamples of paraphrase sentences are for your inspiration and education. They are not for you to copy as that would be plagiarism and if you are caught you could be in serious trouble. What you can use examples of paraphrase for however is to see the approach that others have taken when performing the task. Many examples also show you what you should not do allowing you to understand what you should be avoiding when you paraphrase work.

Just ensure that you look at any samples of paraphrasing critically and assess whether they have actually done the paraphrasing correctly. Paraphrasing is not a mechanical process through which you take each word in turn and change it for its synonym. This is what a computer will do and it will result in text that is in exactly the same structure and often will change the meaning.

What Should Paraphrasing Do?

examples of paraphraseParaphrasing is actually more like translation; you have to be able to fully understand the meaning of the original source sentence to rephrase sentence in your own words. You also have to understand the audience that you are writing for; are you simplifying the work or just trying to make it more relevant to the audience. Whatever the purpose when you look at examples of paraphrase you should ask yourself if the samples do actually repeat the meaning of the original and if the structure and language used is completely different.

We Can Help with Your Rephrasing

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