How to Detect Plagiarism in a Minute: Bracket Infographics

Most college students and writers use informational sources, scholarly and academic journals or any kinds of references types for writing a paper or an article. Cases like plagiarism happen all the time and plagiarism is probably the most crucial thing a writer can do. It is basically copying everything from one’s work and because of this, it is a violation. Everyone should seek honesty, fairness and should also know how to articulate one’s thoughts. There are many tips to avoid plagiarism but if it is hard enough, you do sometimes ask yourself “How to detect plagiarism?” Well, you can check your work through free plagiarizer detection online or use sentence rephraser online.

how to detect plagiarism

Types of Plagiarism You Can Avoid

Direct plagiarism
It is copying word for word of someone else’s work without any quotation marks or any books citation.

Self-plagiarism occurs when you use your own previous work or mixing old parts to your current paper, such as using your high school paper for your college paper.

Mosaic plagiarism
Mosaic Plagiarism happens when one borrows a phrase with the same sentence structure without quotations.

Accidental plagiarism
Accidental plagiarism occurs when one forgets to cite their sources or unintentionally paraphrase a sentence using the same words.

Famous Cases in Plagiarism

  • Lisa Rein is a veteran reporter plagiarized three stories from Government Executive and Government Executive itself noticed the issue.
  • Arizona State University professor Matthew Whitaker is about to resign because of the plagiarism issue he did back in four years.
  • The comedian Amy Schumer was accused by three more comedians because she stole their jokes.

Tips to Avoid Plagiarism

  • Paraphrase the sentence
  • Always use citations
  • Quote a source
  • Use a referencing

Consequences of Plagiarism

  • Your reputation will be destroyed as a student, professional and even your academic reputation
  •  There will be legal repercussions
  • There will also be monetary repercussions

The plagiarism outcome can be very serious because it is highly unethical, dishonest and surely illegal. If you still do not know how to detect plagiarism, there are tons of free plagiarism detection and rephrasing generator on the internet and all are available to help you in making your paper better. If you face the time of difficulties in paraphrasing a sentence, whatever your references types are, always use quotation marks and cite the author.

Learn how to detect plagiarism today!